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Cooperatives UK The Coop
TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) TCV
Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens FCFCG
National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners NSALG
Llais y Goedwig (community woodlands in Wales) Llais-y-Goedwig
Coed Lleol/Small Woods Association Small Woods Assoc.
PAVO (Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations) PAVO

Local information resources

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Knucklas village Knucklas information
Knighton tourism Visit Knighton and Knighton town
Llanfair Waterdine/Upper Teme valley area Llink
Local group of churches
Churches Tourism Network, Wales
The Beacon Hill Benefice
Local Ramblers’ Cymru group Powys Ramblers
Radnorshire Wildlife Trust RWT
Offa’s Dyke Association Offa’s Dyke Association
Powys tourism Powys tourism
Powys County Council Powys CC
Shropshire tourism Shropshire tourism
Herefordshire tourism Herefordshire tourism
Mortimer History Society Mortimer History Society
Local trains Trains
Buses Bus timetables
Castle history History