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Frances Brett, Lecturer in Early Childhood says:

“This vibrantly illustrated book shines a light on the secrets of  a “special hill” on the Marches borderland, Knucklas Castle, quickly inviting the reader into a startling, ancient landscape where they can travel with Guinevere as she makes a dangerous journey to find Arthur, the one person who can free her brothers from the giants that occupy the land on the far side of the River Teme.

Written as if it is a story being told close to your ear, or as if being performed live in front of you, the author walks a teasing line between knowledge, speculation and pure mystery, creating an atmosphere in which almost anything might happen – and then it does! It is beguiling and funny, with no claims being made for certainties, but a suggestion that to be intrigued, and to ask questions about the landscape around you, is satisfying and important.

And by the end of the story there is a surprising twist in the tale that brings you back into the lap of fact, with photographs supporting this shift back to the present live landscape. Additional geographical, historical and archaeological detail offers information to help find, explore and make sense or story of a real place that can be visited. The move from the beautifully realised imagined lands within the opening pages, to the OS grid references at the end, captures the book’s journey – one that is well worth making, for children and adults alike.­­­­­”

Philippa Boast, grandmother and artist says:

“Katy Mac treads a tight rope between fact and fantasy, history and mythology in this charming and informative book she has produced to help the Knucklas Castle Community Land Project. Colourful and whimsical illustrations enhance the story perfectly and we can smile as we learn more about the beautiful Teme Valley.”

Jacky, local resident and member, and ex-librarian, says:

Really enjoyed sharing Katy Mac’s illustrated tale with family and
friends. Her clever weaving of fact and fantasy keeps you guessing
about the origins of Knucklas Castle and it’s inhabitants long after
finishing the book in a true spirit of enquiry. Maybe there will be
more tales to tell as members of Knucklas Castle Community Land
Project find out more about the history of its ancient hilltop